I know that this isn’t a life blog or anything, but I felt like I needed to post an update and kind of explain why I haven’t been posting recently.

To start off, my husband is a Humanities and Philosophy major. Ever since we’ve been married, he’s debated between an internship and doing a study abroad program. We had decided to go with the study abroad but then I got pregnant and he would have been travelling for three weeks or so, which would leave me and the baby at home by ourselves, with no way to get around or do anything. Plus, it would have been it would have been an extra couple thousand dollars or so for us to come up with for him to spend on food, souvenirs, and such not including what I would need to buy food and stuff for myself and the baby. So we decided to scratch that plan and try to find an internship.

After searching and applying and getting rejected, we finally found an internship that seemed promising. He applied and had an interview. They were looking for people for this semester, but he told them that he was interested in being an intern during the winter semester. So, they told him that they would keep him in mind for when they started hiring for winter. The week or so before Thanksgiving, he gets an email from the company that he interviewed with. They offered him an internship! He accepted and we started trying to figure things out. At first he was just going to go down and myself and the baby would stay up here, but we both felt that we should all go down. And that is the story of how/why we are moving to Utah!

We’re still trying to figure out housing and finances, but we are moving down at the end of this month. And of course, with this being so last minute, I’ve been stressing out about trying to find housing and stuff. We do have some options, but nothing is finalized yet. So that’s why I haven’t been posting and writing as much as I’ve wanted to. Hopefully when things calm down a bit, I’ll be able to post more and get things going again.


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