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Finally finished “Gone With The Wind”!!!!!!! If you’re familiar with this book at all, then you know that it’s a book that takes a while to get through, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom (or a mom in general). So after, goodness knows how long exactly, I finally finished and am now getting to writing about it! And I know that it’s also a movie, but I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet, so I can’t compare the book and the movie (yet anyways).


If you haven’t read “Gone With The Wind,” it’s about a girl named Scarlett O’Hara in pre-Civil War, Civil War, and post-Civil War Georgia. It goes through her experiences with trying to get a guy that she’s in love with, but who is married to another woman. Throughout the book, she experiences the hardships and challenges that come with living through the Civil War and trying to rebuild life after. I’m not going to go into too many details, because if I did, I would pretty much just write out the entire book.

Gone With the Wind 1
Scarlett with the Tarleton twins.

I think this is the first book that I’m kind of on the fence about. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great book and it definitely makes you think about things that happened during the Civil War and how people were treated, but at the same time, it does drag on and goes into a lot of detail. Which is kind of necessary in order to see why Scarlett is the way she is and why she makes certain choices about things. For example, one of the main reasons why she marries Frank Kennedy is because she needed to find a way to save Tara (the family home/plantation) from being sold and ending up in the hands of someone who isn’t really well liked by the O’Hara family. A lot of the choices she makes end up being driven by the fact that they need money to save Tara or to have enough food to feed everyone. I’m sure a lot of us may make similar decisions, though maybe not exactly how Scarlett made them.


Speaking of Scarlett, I didn’t really like her. She is such a brat! I know that’s the point of her character and it’s her dad’s Irish side coming through, but she kind of takes it to the extreme. Like when it comes to guys, she acts like she’s entitled to any guy that she wants, which is what drives her passion (or obsession) for Ashley in the story despite the fact that he’s engaged, and then later married, to another woman. You also see this come to play when she’s with Rhett. He made her an offer one time, and then she takes that knowledge and acts like he’s dying without her. Which, thankfully, he sees right through her and knows exactly why she came to him in the first place. I do have to give her credit for her drive and her cunning. Her intentions were in the right place (make sure we have enough food, keep Tara in the family, etc.) the ways she went about making sure everything was taken care of probably weren’t the best.

Scarlett’s many admirers.

And then there’s Rhett. He definitely needed to calm down. There were definitely times when him being strong minded and hot-headed were good (i.e. getting them out of Atlanta and on their way to Tara), but most of the time it just got him into trouble (at least with Scarlett anyways). There was even a time when they barely talked because of how stubborn they both were. He loved Scarlett and he did everything he could for her and for their children. He made sure she was safe and that she would never have to worry about things again, and she continues to think about Ashley. Rhett I kind of like because he was resourceful and knew how to make money during the war to make sure he was taken care of and that he could take care of others if he needed to. But, I really hate how Scarlett treated him and repaid him for helping her out during the war and after.


Which leads me to the ending of the book. This is where the famous line, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” comes in. Rhett is fed up with everything Scarlett has done to him (or hasn’t done in some cases) and he leaves. Scarlett finally realizes that she actually loves him (and that she always had apparently) and she had said before that she didn’t want to have a divorce. Since she doesn’t want a divorce and he’s done putting up with her, he gives her the most iconic line, and then walks out. And Scarlett decides that she’ll think of what to do the next day, and it ends. Which I kind of hate that it ends like that. I want to know what happens with them, dang it!!!! What happens to Scarlett? What happens to Mammy? What happens to Ashley? What happens to everyone?!?!?! I know that there’s kind of a sequel, but it seems like those who have read it aren’t very pleased with it, so I probably won’t read it. But, maybe I will, who knows?


Like I said earlier, I’m kind of on the fence about the book. The ending and the parts with action in them, I liked and they definitely pulled me in. Then there’s the slower parts where they’re at a party or it’s in between big events and it feels like it drags out. I know that some people like “Gone With the Wind” for the romance, but it wasn’t very romantic to me. I know that there’s different kinds of romance, but Scarlett was too cold to Rhett to really be romantic to him. Plus the fact that she was trying to go after a married man was kind of crazy. I personally don’t see how any of it could really be romantic, but that’s just me. There are some parts where I could see a little romance, but it wasn’t very often (i.e. Rhett calling out Scarlett’s name at the dance when she was still classified as a widow).


This is definitely a good book if you’re looking for something to take up a lot of time or if you’re into history. But don’t expect a whole lot of romance or look for it in different ways if you’re into romance.


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