If you’re an HGTV fan or you like shows about fixing up houses, chances are you’ve come across the show “Fixer Upper.” If you haven’t, it’s about a husband and wife who help people find a house and then renovate it for them. It’s got awesome houses, humor, family, warmth, and you get some good ideas for your own house. Plus shiplap. Lots of shiplap (walls made of wood that came from ships).

“The Magnolia Story” is about how Chip and Joanna met, the backgrounds they came from, their crazy start as a family, and how they got into all of their business ventures, some of which are shown or mentioned on the show. Joanna even talks about how they got started with the show.

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I’m not going to go into detail about all of the stories since it’s their life and I probably won’t do them justice or give them the respect that their story deserves. But I love their stories and how emotional and relatable they all are. They talk about how scary and frustrating it was each time they (mostly Chip) started a new project, how emotional it was when they started their family, and why exactly they do the things they do.

As someone who has studied film and has been interested in behind-the-scenes stuff, I really like books like this because it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at shows and how they got into doing what they do. It’s always interesting to learn how shows started and how a person who studied something that is not related to what they’re doing (Jo studied broadcasting and now she’s an interior designer!) got into their current profession. That’s like me, someone who studied video production becoming a florist or a lawyer.

HGTV_Fixer Upper_Chip a(2).JPG

Anyways, if you like the show “Fixer Upper” or you just like learning about how shows came to be or you want to look into interior design, this book is for you.


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