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I was pretty surprised with this one. I had seen the movie way before I had read the book, so I had high hopes. I was thinking it was going to be a lot like the movie, which we all know is not often the case in these situations. But, let me get into the story.

If you know anything about the story or the movie, then you know that it’s about a guy named Landon who isn’t really the best person, nor does he hang out with the best people. He is a teenager though, right? He meets Jamie who is the daughter of the church Reverend. Come to find out, she has cancer and eventually dies from it after her and Landon get married. So, the book is about how they become friends and develop a relationship and how Landon changes from knowing her.

A WALK TO REMEMBER, Mandy Moore, Shane West, 2002 (c) Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection.

Since I had seen the movie first, I was expecting the book to be a lot longer than what it was. Don’t get me wrong, I like that it’s short. But there’s a lot that is in the movie that isn’t in the book (i.e. the opening scene) or is different than the book (i.e. the play). But it’s interesting to see all of the parts that do line up or where inspiration for other parts might have come from. But, despite all of the differences, it’s still just as emotional and awesome as the movie.

Even though it’s a short book and was different than what I expected, I think that, in a way, I prefer the book compared to the movie. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the movie. I love how it expands on the relationships and character backgrounds and everything. I love how it brings all of it to life and personalizes it. But, the book is just so simple and straight to the point compared to other books and doesn’t distract you from the story by bringing in random scenes that have little to do with the story. Then again, that’s probably because Landon is writing/telling it and he’s not really one to go into elaborate detail.

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Despite all of the difference and lack of detail compared to the movie, I really liked this book. It’s good if you want a short read or if you want a different perspective compared to the movie.


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